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Job Category: Top Management 

Job status: Fulltime

Duty Station: Kampala Uganda

Job Summary

We are looking to hire an ICT Manager, a seasoned professional to design and manage the smooth execution of the company’s ICT systems.


 Job Description

The ICT Manager is responsible for translating client and business needs into ICT tools and

Solutions that improve the client journey (by enabling staff) and take away barriers to

Manage & control the business. The manager ensures Innovative ICT solutions are

Developed and implemented through an in-house ICT team or external providers. The ICT

Team is part of Company’s R&D team and has as such a broad mandate to pro-actively

Identify opportunities.


About the company

These are the very problems that East African company, the Company, was founded to solve. It sells high-quality solar systems to fit the needs of rural households and small entrepreneurs — from 50Wp home set-ups capable of powering a radio, phone and small number of lights to 10KWp systems that can power a small office or machine – plus a range of consumer electronics, including LED lights, televisions, fridges, flat irons and water pumps.

Crucially, the company also provides credit and service that allows customers to spread payments over 24 months and receive service for 5 years. The company has an extensive network of 45 branches in Uganda, is currently expanding operations to Western Kenya, and considering further expansion for the future. The Company has all the pieces in place to take optimal advantage of this unique market opportunity.





Bachelors (or equivalent) in Business IT or other relevant field


·         5 years of work experience in managing innovative ICT environments and teams.

·         Proven track record in managing the implementation of business software.

·         Experience with open source software in professional environments.

·         Knowledge of ERP systems, in particular Odoo.

·         Knowledge of deploying and managing networks of 50+ computers.

 About the Position

The ICT manager will develop a deep understanding of the business, and translates the (constantly changing) needs of the business into effective and cost-efficient ICT solutions, thereby displaying a high level of care for its internal clients. He/she is a team-player with eye for detail, taking an analytical approach to solving problems, and comes with innovative ideas. The manager will be able to adapt to change while managing multiple assignments. The manager has a broad understanding of applied business ICT and comes with an already well established network in the sector.


Key Responsibilities

Business software and intelligence

Analyze business needs and define requirements for improved functionality of the ERP system. Supervise the (outsourced) development and deployment of new features.

Develop routine or incidental reports and reporting tools that assist with the management of the operations and strategic decision making. The team is also responsible for general system administration of the back-office team.


Ensure the physical and software infrastructure keeps up with the needs of the business.

Come-up with new solutions and outsource where possible.

Research and Development

The ICT team researches and develops innovative ICT technologies that improve control, efficiency and client satisfaction, e.g. development and deployment of mobile interfaces or support ICT product development.

Management and Training

Day to day team management and weekly, monthly and quarterly planning & reporting.

Sourcing and vetting of suppliers and temporary resources. Train and coach junior ICT Professionals in the team and develop relevant ICT trainings for the rest of the organization.


Compensation and benefits

Salary and benefits are competitive, commensurate with experience. Interested candidates should send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., including their CV (no other documents). The application deadline is August 4, 2017.


Recruitment Manager

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